47th Governing
Board Meeting of ASOSAI

Welcoming speech by the Chairwoman
of the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation

Dear colleagues! Dear friends!

The Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation is glad to welcome the delegates of Supreme Audit Institutions from Asia and Europe at the 2nd ASOSAI-EUROSAI Joint Conference due in Moscow on September 25-26, 2014.
It is a great honor for us to welcome representatives of the Eurasian audit community elite.
Suppose that event, this time to be hosted in Russia, a country of centuries-long history and multinational culture where representatives of all religious denominations in the world co-exist peacefully, will foster friendly relations amongst ASOSAI and EUROSAI members.

The subject of the upcoming conference, “Lessons Learned from the Past Experience of Adopting the ISSAIs and their Future Implications,” has not been chosen accidentally. Practice shows that the development and effective application of INTOSAI standards today serves as a lasting foundation for the creation of a single methodological basis helping further improve audit principles in budget policy and public administration generally. The diverse scope of INTOSAI standards, their robustness, adaptiveness and comprehensive nature provide each individual audit body with a useful and powerful instrument of attaining set goals and exercising their powers.
We cannot stand on the sidelines of world events. The audit community can and must do its bit to add momentum to integration processes primarily cued to the creation of effective environment of mutually advantageous and equal trade and economic cooperation, to address proactively the new challenges and threats which acquire a transnational nature as globalization speeds up and new technologies are used on a massive scale. It is for this reason that the audit community must within its powers join in the collective efforts of all people across the world to stem the terrorism financing channels, to combat corruption, piracy, and drug trafficking.
In addition to discussing professional issues, which are of great interest to all of us, exchanging expertise and establishing new contacts, the conference attendees and their escort will be offered a broad cultural program, the possibility to see the sights of the Russian capital city, sample our culture, traditional Russian hospitality and geniality.

Chairwoman of the Accounts Chamber - T.A.Golikova