Tatyana Golikova proposed the way to modernize state programmes

Tatyana Golikova, Chairwoman of the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation, gave an open lecture at the Financial University under the Government of Russia on the topic “Efficient Budget”1.

Tatyana Golikova in her speech touched upon the subject of the federal budget reserves in the difficult economic situation. Specifically, the Chairwoman noted that the shortfall of the federal budget revenues in 2016 with an oil price of $ 40 per barrel could reach 1.2-1.3 trillion rubles. “These funds are to be replaced by something, or we need to find some additional sources in order to finance these expenditures,” she said. The volume of the violations detected by the Accounts Chamber in 2015 is commensurate with 39-43% of the volume of the possible shortfall in the budget revenues.

Golikova said that the institution of state programmes of the Russian Federation, on the basis of which a significant part of the federal budget expenditures is formed, cannot be abandoned in the current economic climate, but it needs to be modernized. The Chairwoman told about the possible way to perform this modernization: it is necessary to select 5-10 state programmes most important for the economy, reduce the number of indicators under these programmes, make them reliable, link them to specific budgetary resources; the achievement of such indicators should be verifiable. She noted that it is necessary to monitor the implementation of these programmes and conduct their external audit; performance results should be considered at meetings of the Government of Russia and parliamentary hearings in the State Duma. “Both we and the Ministry of Finance believe that refinement of this type of mechanism in the present circumstances is to produce its result in terms of answering the question: which expenditures are effective today and which are not, which of them the State should support today and which it should not,” Golikova said.

Answering questions from the audience, the Chairwoman also said that the Russian Government’s attempts to influence the structure of the public debt of regions do not bring any significant results. Tatyana Golikova reminded that the regions’ public debt continues to grow and as of March 1, 2016, amounted to 2.4 trillion rubles, while the total amount of annual expenditures of the regions make 10 trillion rubles. “Today, we are carrying out checks on the management of the debt of the Russian Federation, and we see that the normative regulation, including that on the part of the Russian Federation, is not sufficient to make a difference in constituent entities,” she said.

1 Tatyana Golikova also holds the position of Dean of the Faculty of Public Administration and Financial Control at the Financial University under the Government of Russia.

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