Tatyana Golikova: 44 criminal cases were initiated based on the Accounts Chamber’s materials in 2015

Chairwoman of the Accounts Chamber Tatyana Golikova spoke at the plenary session of the State Duma on the work of the Accounts Chamber in 2015.

The Chairwoman of the Accounts Chamber briefly informed the deputies about basic indicators, characterizing the work of the controlling body in 2015. According to her, in 2015 the Accounts Chamber conducted 322 activities, which covered 2,594 entities. Based on the results of these activities, 516.5 billion rubles worth of violations were revealed. Tatyana Golikova emphasized that, thanks to the work of the Accounts Chamber, in 2015 10.3 billion rubles were returned to the federal budget and the budget of the Union State. Also, the head of the controlling body said that, based on the results of the audits, 44 materials were sent to the investigating authorities and security agencies and 74 materials -to the Prosecutor General’s Office; as a result, 44 criminal cases were initiated.

According to Golikova, during the control activity “Audit of the Implementation of the Federal Targeted Programme ‘Development of Water Management Complex of Russia in 2012-2020’, Aimed at Implementing the Objectives of the Water Strategy of Russia”, the facts of payment of outstanding work in the amount of 250 million rubles during the construction of the Krasnogorsk Hydroelectric Complex on the River Irtysh worth 8.6 billion rubles were established.Tatyana Golikova said that, as a result, the investigative agencies of the Investigative Committee of Russia had initiated criminal cases against officials of public institutions of the Omsk Region “Management of the Customer for Construction of Facilities of the Omsk Hydroelectric Complex”. “The mentioned materials of the control activity were used in the investigation of the criminal case against the former Minister of Transport Complex of the Omsk Region, whose actions caused the damage in the amount of 841 million rubles due to improper spending of budgetary funds,” the head of the controlling body said.

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