Tatyana Golikova: If we bring entrepreneurs out of the shadow economy, it could give budget 40 billion rubles of additional income

During the working meeting with President of Russia Vladimir Putin, Tatyana Golikova, the Chairwoman of the Accounts Chamber, reported on the issue of government support of small business.

Tatyana Golikova told the Head of the State that in 2015 a growth of tax revenues to the budget from the small business sphere was recorded. According to the Head of the control agency, “this is a good sign”. “Moreover, there are regions where both the level of creating small and medium business entities and the level of tax revenues significantly exceed the average level in Russia. I would refer the Belgorod Region, the Saratov Region, the Novgorod Region to such regions, where the number of small business entities have exceeded 40% within the past five years - this is a serious progress. As for individual entrepreneurship, which also belongs to this category, the absolute leaders in the sphere are large cities - Moscow, Saint Petersburg and the Leningrad Region,” the Chairwoman of the Accounts Chamber said.

Tatyana Golikova said that the “shadow sector” of economy involves 14.8 million entrepreneurs. “This is the patent system that is intended to bring self-employed citizens out of the shadow economy. When it was introduced in 2013 in the form in which it currently exists, it did not produce the effect that it has produced within the recent period of its existence. I mean the year 2015 as compared with 2014, since these are sensitive years, including from the viewpoint of economic development,” she noted. According to the Chairwoman of the Accounts Chamber, bringing entrepreneurs out of the shadow economy could give the budget about 40 billion rubles of additional income.

Besides, according to the Head of the control agency, the number of citizens and entrepreneurs who work in the frame of the patent system increased by 84% in 2015. “It is encouraging to note that this is the Crimean Federal District. The reason is clear: a 1% rate is set there. While, say, in Moscow and the Moscow Region the rate is 6%. However, the patent taxation system accounts in total for 53.9% in all these three regions. This is essential. Of course, this is mainly retail,” the Chairwoman of the Accounts Chamber said.

Speaking about the existing mechanisms of government support of small business implemented at the expense of the federal budget, Tatyana Golikova evaluated them as “generally efficient”. According to her, 39 billion rubles were allocated for small business support from the federal budget and 250 thousand entrepreneurs received this support. “Improving is needed in the field of collection of information as to which entities go into liquidation and which of them continue to exist. We all work on the basis of Rosstat’s information, however, on August 1, 2016, a register for small and medium businesses and tax base, which is being developed by the Federal Tax Service, is to come into operation,” the Chairwoman of the Accounts Chamber said.

The Head of the control agency said that 853 thousand procurements were announced in 2015 for the participation of small business entities and non-commercial organizations, which exceeds the same indicator of 2014 by 54%.

Tatyana Golikova noted that the MSP Corporation (the corporation for small and medium business development) supported 3,345 projects to the guarantee amount of 17.8 billion rubles in 2015. “This made it possible to attract 38 billion of credit resources to this sphere. I have just made a rough estimation that, if we remove taxes, if we accumulate the government support, if we take into account what public procurements provide, what the MSP Corporations provides, - this is a substantial sum, this is about 346 billion rubles, which we invest in development of small business,” she said.

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